This Week in Cannabis News – 12/14/18

The following headlines represent ongoing progress and innovation within the cannabis industry, and beyond.

Exploring Cannabis and Women’s Health With Dr. Mary Clifton

Leafly’s Q&A with the “expert in cannabis and CBD medicine” reveals the various benefits of cannabis upon the female form.

Lack of capital biggest barrier to entry for minority-owned cannabis firms: Q&A with NuLeaf’s Jeannette Ward Horton

MJ Biz Daily speaks with the cannabis advocate and mogul about the current cultural state of the cannabis industry and her organization’s mission to diversify the greenspace.

Congress just voted to legalize hemp

“The bill won’t legalize marijuana for recreational or medical uses, but allows non-psychoactive forms of cannabis.”

Can the State Help Oakland’s Equity Program?

Oakland-based cannapreneur, Felicia Shaw, is front and center of EBX’s coverage of the city’s pioneering equity program. “Oakland’s cannabis program has come under fire for not providing enough funding to equity participants. But a new $10 million state fund could help solve some of the city’s problems.”

Massachusetts YMCA Apologizes for Threatening Parents Over Smelling Like Pot

Most definitely a canna-parent’s worst nightmare: “The letter warned parents that the YMCA staff would call the authorities on parents they suspected of endangering their children,” Cannabis Now reports.

Ohio medical marijuana: First dispensary given green light to open

On Wednesday, Cresco Labs’ CY+ dispensary became the first of its kind to receive the green light to open for business.

Regulators: Pot Deliveries Can Be Made Throughout California

Cannabis enthusiasts have reason to celebrate. Marijuana deliveries can now be made anywhere within the Golden State, including regions where cannabis has been banned.

Final California marijuana regulations: ‘Wins, losses and more ambiguity’

The legal market has received their official guidelines at long last. MJ Biz Daily highlights four “key takeaways” from the final regulations set forth by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Trump Threatens Government Shutdown, Raising Concern For Legal Marijuana Industry

Marijuana Moment explains that if the current regime “makes good on [its] promise to withhold [the] signature from essential appropriations bills this time, that could inadvertently leave the legal marijuana industry vulnerable to federal drug enforcement actions.”

These Social Justice Weed Warriors Are Making a Difference

“From fighting hunger to hiring employees with cannabis-related convictions, these entrepreneurs are using cannabis to promote social good.”

Ex-NFL Player Tiki Barber Turns Cannabis ‘Opportunist’ with Latest Management Venture

Barber can now add ‘cannabis investor’ to his eclectic post-NFL CV. He recently co-founded Grove Group Management, a cannabis investment company “that will spread state-by-state, starting in New Jersey.”

What Does the Latest Pot Legalization Wave Mean for Jobs and Social Equality?

As legalized cannabis enters the mainstream, Merry Jane examines its proposed effect on the job market and social progress.

Written by Cannama on December 14, 2018 for EstroHaze

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