Back to School, Back to Life…

Back to the here and now…

This summer went by a little too fast for me. It was filled with a lot of changes for our family. Changes in country of residence, then city of residence; preparing our sons to start new schools; preparing to enter a new line of work. This was the summer of change for real but it’s so good to be back on this here template to share and connect with you all once again.

One of the best aspects about our return to the Bay Area is easy access to cannabis – legally! The closest dispensary is literally around the corner from our house. It’s a blessing and a curse. We’d left in 2017, before Prop 64 went into effect. Prices were high before but shit is just ridiculous at this point. But that’s life in the Bay isn’t it? Capitalism on steroids.

Before I bid you adieu, dig the following excerpt and link from Common Citizen about Cannamoms and dads eradicating the stigma around cannabis use:

“More than 40% of moms admit to having a glass of wine to help deal with the stresses of parenting, but what about cannabis? Recent research suggests more parents smoke pot than you’d think—they’re just far less likely to admit it.

Parents who enjoy alcohol have a range of social examples through which to frame their habits and can even joke about it. (Think: beer-loving sitcom dads and #winemoms). But with attitudes around cannabis changing so quickly across the country, the conversation around parenting and cannabis is only just beginning to catch up with the culture.

With the push towards legalization, are weed moms becoming the new wine moms (and dads?) Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why parents use cannabis and how they’re fighting the stigma.”

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