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Cannabis is Medicine from Mother Earth

The late, great Peter Tosh said: “Legalize It.” We’re taking it one step further by saying: “Destigmatize It.” Propaganda has got us straight-up twisted around the concept of cannabis. Toxic substances like tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs are readily available without question, while a little old plant called marijuana is cast as an invasive weed seeking to wreak havoc on the garden of civility. 

Propaganda created the stigma and the truth will undo it. The healing properties of cannabis can no longer be denied. It’s time to normalize cannabis. It’s our best shot at attaining full legalization in the United States – and it’s not up to hard core cannabis advocates either. Anyone who understands the wellness benefits of the plant can do their part to remove the negative labels associated with it. Even moms & dads.

Cannama is an inclusive space for all cannabis enthusiasts, especially canna-mami’s and papi’s who face the added stigma of being parents of color who consume cannabis. The War on Drugs has seen so many people of color do serious time for minimal cannabis possession, and has no doubt strengthened the stigma within those communities. It’s our mission to unite, inform and uplift cannabis-embracing families.

We are witness to a dramatic shift the perception of cannabis. A growing number of scientific studies provide irrefutable proof that it is a natural curative agent. As ganja moves from under propaganda’s shadow, we too can kick those stigmas to the curb and acknowledge Mother Earth’s healing gift with pride.

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