35 Women Making Moves in Cannabis Science

Canna moms, scientists, engineers and doctors – just to name a few – will be representing at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference East on April 9th and 10th. In honor of National Women’s Month, Cannabis Science and Technology is shining a much needed spotlight on these unsung trailblazers. It’s an impressive list of incredibly knowledgeable, industrious and accomplished individuals whose efforts are improving lives and normalizing cannabis in one fell swoop. Here’s a sampler:

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Dr. Jessica Knox, MBA, MPH, CEO, The American Cannabinoid Clinics

Jessica Knox, MD, MBA, MPH, is a preventive medicine physician specializing in clinical endocannabinology—the study of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and its applications for health and healing. Along with her family, Knox founded the American Cannabinoid Clinics, which aims to deliver precision cannabinoid medicine to patients; and ADVENT Academy, which develops comprehensive training for healthcare professionals in the ECS and clinical cannabis care.

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Moriah Barnhart, CannaMoms

As a lifelong advocate of human rights, cannabis was a natural cause to undertake in 2013 when Moriah Barnhart’s daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of two. Barnhart dedicated herself to saving her daughter’s life, and to helping other parents save their own children’s lives by cofounding CannaMoms in 2014. She subsequently developed Dahlia’s Botanicals, a product line which includes the country’s first United States Department of Agriculture (U.S. DA)-certified organic high cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil.

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Chanda Macaias, MBA, PhD, CEO and Owner, National Holistic Healing Center

Chanda Macias, MBA, PhD, is the CEO and the owner of National Holistic a cannabis and hemp healthcare enterprise. National Holistic Healing Center is the leading medical marijuana dispensary in Washington, D.C. Dr. Macias has spent 15-plus years developing knowledge of medical marijuana impact on patients. Dr. Macias contributes growth to the market through education on ailment strain alignment, aligning a medical marijuana strain with a specific condition or ailment.

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