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Mary Jay is Mary Kay for the Modern Day Mama

Apparently, the CBD oil hustle is a “modernized version of a decades-old” practice of enterprising mothers luring in loot through direct sales of relevant, and often trendy products to like-minded consumers.

“Selling CBD oil is the new side hustle for moms” follows the increasingly lucrative experience of mother of 2, Teressa Sworsky, whose own personal encounters with CBD led her to pursue a side business of selling the healing elixir – and recruiting others to expand her enterprise.

According to the Washington-based Direct Sellers Association’s most recent data, 18.6 million people were involved in the direct selling of $34.9 billion in products in 2017, whether they did so part time, full time, or signed up with companies to receive a discount on their favorite products. Illinois was among the top five states for direct sales, according to the group, with more than 800,000 people involved and $1.5 billion in sales. And across the U.S., 73.5 percent of direct sellers were women…

Unlike the tupperware slinging saleswomen of decades past, modern-day moms’ access to social media increase exposure and income at a pace as rapid as the burgeoning industry itself. For more on this next-level Avon shyte, click on this.

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