Top 8 Products for Parents Who Love Pot

I’m not downplaying the plight of the non-parent (after all, I was one for half of my adult life), but I can’t think of a more stressed out population in this day and age.

So, for a growing number of moms & pops, it’s ganja to the rescue! Parents & caregivers use pot as a calming agent, a sleep aid, a stand in antidepressant, even a euphoric stand-in for caffeine. New innovations in cannabis allow us to tailor the effects to a wide variety of needs.

As a Cannamama, I’m no longer tryin’ to get blitzed, I’m tryin’ to get blissed because caring for two school aged kids requires me to stay patient, compassionate and forever on my toes. Check out the following products that have aided me in doing so:


Delectable gourmet medical marijuana goodness. Mellows are like a haute couture marshmallow. Each batch “is whipped, cut and gussied up by hand,” offering 12 bite sized confections of assorted flavors (special shout out to birthday cake flavor!).

They’re a great parent pick because…

Mellows are packed with a modest 5mg of THC per piece. In other words, you could feasibly eat one or 2 at a time and feel pretty damn good. Additionally, these medicated marshmallows are brought to us by premium, single-origin Red Congolese sativa (a personal favorite), which aims to uplift and invigorate.

Flour Child Collective Seasonal Jam

Flour Child’s selection of cannabis infused seasonal jams are a must have – safely tucked away in the fridge, that is. Stephany Gocobachi’s mouthwatering blend is the perfect marriage of herb and fruit. You can really taste the freshness of Flour Child’s jams which are hand made and locally sourced.

Moms & Pops may dig because….

Every fruit varietal is paired with a specific strain. The flavors compliment each other while providing sustained uplifting side effects, plus a bit of the munchies. Flour Child’s Contains 2.5 mg THC per teaspoon, 7.5 mg THC per tablespoon, which makes for an invigorating piece of toast. It can also be enjoyed with yogurt, ice cream, and as the other half of a PB sandwich.

Golden Goddess Heavenly Honey

Cannabis infused honey is a multi-purpose elixir that was introduced to me by way of The Golden Goddess Collective. They use high quality, organic ingredients including cardamom, vanilla and your choice of an indica or sativa dominant strain.

Why I recommend it to parents & caregivers…

It’s a divine confection, and the effects are sublime. Each 4 oz. jar contains about 250 mg THC; roughly 10 mg per teaspoon. It’s crafted to aid in digestion, nausea, or low appetite. With a nice hot cup of sleepy time tea, I experience a sound sleep. The flavor is fantastic, so it’s guaranteed to liven up anything you pair it with.


I was a short-lived fan of vaping, therefore I’m short on platitudes. It deserves some shine nonetheless because it’s an excellent method for the marijuana toking parent.

Why, you may ask?

First off, it’s concentrated, which means a little goes a long way. That’s a benefit, especially for your wallet. Secondly, it addresses the scent factor. Getting medicated is a private affair but even small amounts of ganja smoke can saturate our hair and clothing. In this judgmental, anti-pot culture, that’s simply not a good ‘look.’ Vaping is practically odorless and prevents you, your dwellings (and loved ones within it) from smelling like a big fat spliff.

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Good Ole Fashioned Bud 

For many, such as myself, there’s nothing quite like sparking up a doob.


Perhaps it’s just her preferred method to fellowship with humanity, but Mary Jane really speaks to me in this form. The effects of cannabis are felt almost immediately when smoked, which is why it’s the primary pick for most cannabis enthusiasts. For me, it provides the fullest spectrum of healing cannabis has to offer, and the absolute sweetest vibes. These days, if I do get around to toking, it’s late at night once the kids are fast asleep.

Kiva Chocolate Bars

Potent sweet treats are a tasty way to achieve a sustained buzz. I recommend Kiva Confections. They offer a variety of dosages and although Tangerine is my sh*t, the entire collection is yummy.

Why it’s a great parent pick…

A large bar boasts about 180 mg of THC and is broken into four 45 mg servings. Edibles hit me pretty hard so it can take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to consume an entire bar. For this reason I find this method highly cost-effective. I may break off about 5 mg to stave off anxiety, or take a 15mg chunk before hittin’ the hay, and awaken uplifted.


High quality caps are a very effective method of medicating. Big-ups to GoldCaps by Tetra Labs. Their top shelf THC and CBD soft gels are made with grape-seed oil free from molds, pesticides, solvents, bacteria, or other undesirable byproducts. CBD only GoldCaps soft gels come in 5mg or 10mg dosages. Their CBD + THC counterpart has 10mg CBD plus 10mg THC.

Why parents may dig them…

GoldCaps provide all the healing power of cannabis with clean, consistent effects that can last anywhere from 6-12 hours. I dig the caps because I can decrease the dosage as needed just by puncturing the surface and extracting the amount of gold goodness I see fit.

Gummi Cares

Although I do love myself some THC, I’ve become more of a CBD gal over the years. In my opinion, no one does it better than Gummi Cares. In addition to Sativa and Indica strains, they produce CBD Plus (30 mg of CBD; 10 mg of THC), and a pure, non-psycho-active formula called CBD Extreme (30 mg CBD).

An ideal product to aid in parenting…

CBD treats anxiety, depression and physical pain without various psychedelic side effects and/or head trips. This is an obvious plus for parents who can’t afford to get spaced out, or worse yet, freaked out. As a pleasant aside, High Times reports that some little known uses for CBD include smoking cessation, acne, PTSD, insomnia and diabetes.

These are just a few products that have been a hit in our household. Here’s hoping you find yours! Enjoy responsibly – and of course – conceal stealthily.

Written by Cannama on November 14, 2018 for EstroHaze

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