Illustration by Alicia Tatone, via GQ

So… Cannabis Can Help with Weight Loss?

A brand new study from the International Journal of Epidemiology adds to the growing body of evidence that ganja and weight loss may actually go hand in hand:

Pre-clinical studies indicate increased food intake and weight gain as cannabinoid effects. Cross-sectional epidemiological studies, however, indicate lower prevalence of obesity among cannabis users.

Countless articles have discussed the issue, often presenting both anecdotal and scientific findings as proof of a connection between weight loss and cannabis consumption. This latest study adds one more ounce of raw data indicating its effectiveness.

Cannabis Now offers an abbreviated description of the mechanics provided by specific strains of cannabis – which I happen to vibe with given some pretty solid results with sativa. It’s an interesting read that indicates marijuana may in fact be a useful tool in the effort to shed unwanted pounds.

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