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Support Women in Weed: Kush & Cute

And we’re back with yet another woman run cannabis enterprise: Iyana Edouard’s Kush & Cute.

“At Kush and Cute we create all natural cannabis skincare suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive skin. Our cannabis skin care will heal your skin from the inside out thanks to the added CBD and/or hemp in every product. We also provide our customer with unique, functional, and cute cannabis accessories. Lots of time and love goes into every single item from beginning to end to ensure you have the best experience possible. The quality of our products and services always remain “high”. Thank you again for visiting Kush & Cute and hope you find something you love

Our Story:

Hello there!

My name is Iyana and I am the creator/CEO & production manager of Kush and Cute. I have had anxiety my whole entire life and not until the first time I consumed cannabis was the first time I felt like I had some sort of control of it. I fell in love with Mary Jane very quickly because of the relief and clarity it gave me, an experience several of my peers had as well. I started researching and writing about cannabis and became more and more interested in the plant and its various uses. A couple years  later I became more involved in the cannabis industry. I also very quickly became aware that the cannabis industry lacked two things, women and black women. I was usually the only black woman in the room actually. Instead of becoming discouraged by the sense of lack in industry and the various reasons as to why, I decided to do something about it. Eventually I combined my love for DIY skincare, knowledge and passion for all thing cannabis, and desire to create a female driven cannabis company all in one and Kush & Cute was born.

Our Mission:

At Kush and Cute our mission is to produce and sell products that educate and encourage consumers to understand why cannabis is beneficial in skincare and self care. We want to help further normalize the cannabis plant and bring customers back to the idea of using nature to heal themselves.”

Iyana’s full range of products from beauty oil to paraphernalia are available online.

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