Cannabis ‘n’ Pregnancy: To Toke or Not to Toke?

“Only bad moms use pot while they’re pregnant.” No doubt this is one of many statements that haunt our minds when the topic of marijuana and gestation arises.

Thanks a bunch ‘gubment’ propaganda…

Regardless, tons of moms use cannabis during pregnancy for both medical and recreational purposes. Medically speaking, it’s known to be somewhat of a godsend for the treatment of nausea, pain and insomnia. In some regards it may be safer than any pharmaceutical a physician may prescribe. Unfortunately, federal restrictions on such studies make it hard for scientists to make a clear determination.

A recent Weed Maps article addressed this issue as well as the fact that even though more moms-to-be are consuming cannabis, there’s no place one can turn for a definitive answer regarding the risks to the baby within.

In addition, it cites a study titled “Women’s Perspectives About Cannabis Use During Pregnancy and The Postpartum Period: An Integrative Review,” which found that “Some [mothers] stated not receiving adequate information about the risk of cannabis use or how to quit from the providers, even when they actively sought support… Some women perceived that not communicating and addressing cannabis health risk during pregnancy by the maternity care providers or social workers, or not having specific counseling provided, might indicate that cannabis does not represent a significant concern for the outcome of their pregnancy.”

It’s a complex matter, IMO, since cannabis comes in so many forms (some more processed than others). Plus there’s the issue of frequency and quantity of usage.

Although I’ve had multiple pregnancies, I’m hardly in a position to make make a clear stance regarding pregnancy and marijuana use. Each time I was pregnant, I experienced uncomfortable symptoms that cannabis could’ve addressed, had I lived in a state where it was actually legal (for the record: my pregnant ass was not trying to smoke some shit off the street corner). I’d like to think that if I had the opportunity to try a lab-tested, high quality product to relieve my sciatica, I would’ve given it a shot.

Legalization has brought a wealth of products for pregnant women to research, explore, and consume and inspired a growing number of practitioners who are confident in recommending them. While it may not be for every mamma, it sure is nice to have the option. It would be even nicer if more could be done to verify its safety.

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