5 Ways Marijuana Enhances Mothering

It’s an herb… It’s a healing agent… It’s cannabis — nature’s own mothering enhancer! Having extensive experience caregiving pre-cannabis consumption (PCC), I can attest that marijuana has positively impacted my life, which includes the ability to mother children.

There’s no magic to it, really. The simple fact is that parenting — even in best-case scenarios — can be stressful as hell. A verified mind/body calming agent, cannabis provides a uniquely organic form of relief, but that’s not all. There are numerous ways in which ganja consumption can transform one’s approach to caregiving. I’ve identified 5 major ways in which Mary Jane helps me be the best mama I can be:

1.Enhanced Empathy

From my perspective, empathy stems from a unique combination of being compassionate and being present — two attributes that are inescapable for me while high.

Under ganja’s influence I tend to be more in the now, rather than trip off of “what was” or the “what ifs.” I become in touch with my needs and those of my family. Instead of judging, I assess. I tend to be more open and supportive during moments of emotional vulnerability.

I realized that PCC, I had actually trivialized certain youthful concerns. My high-mind, prompted me to have meaningful discussions about the perils of name-calling, for example, rather than simply exclaiming “stop calling your brother a fartmellon, will ya!?!” from across the room.

2. More Outdoorsy

While high I crave being out in nature far more than usual. This is yet another ideal side effect that has my kids spending an increased amount of time out in the sun, riding their bikes and engaging in pure old-fashioned play.

It staves off boredom, brings us closer, and keeps the kids from bouncing off the walls and breaking something. It turns out that outdoor play is also a fabulous form of stress relief for the entire household.

3. Enhanced Patience

A most vital attribute yet elusive for many. The parental plate overflows with obligations, debts, worries and responsibilities galore. With unyielding pressures such as these, parents/caregivers are prone to varying degrees of edginess when encountering difficult behavior.

Real talk now: Kids are loud, they don’t let you rest (ever), have trouble listening, they whine, tattle, and can drive you up the wall with an endless barrage of questions that would leave Neil deGrasse Tyson stumped. By their very nature, children test parental boundaries on a daily basis. It’s completely normal, but an added source of stress, nonetheless.

Cannabis helps to soften those edges because it’s a potent anxiety antidote.Pot bestows calmness, slows me down, sets the stage for peace of mind — and prevents me from losing my cool when put to the test. In this chill state I’m far more likely to listen, than yell; to comprehend, rather than assume. Patience is achieved when I trade in “because I said so” for mindful explanation.

4. Enhanced Merriment

Adventurousness plus an amplified sense of humor make for bomb-ass bedfellows. When I use ganja as a pick-me-up, or as I say ‘gettin’ Sativa’d,’ I’m more likely to say “yes” to simple requests, joke around and participate in games with my kids.

In line with the tension relief mentioned above, I’m more poised to dancing and laughter on a light dose of cannabis. I suppose one could say I become more enjoyment oriented. I seek out more fairs, festivals and events we can attend as a family and infuse a little merriment into the mundane aspects of our routine such as homework, or household chores. Laughter is medicinal in and of itself.

5. Enhanced Creativity/Expansive thinking

I love how ganja unlocks my ability to think outside the box. I think of it as the light bulb effect. During the school year where my kids are limited to 5 hours of screen time a week, this ability comes in very handy.

While high-minded I’m poised to engage my kids in a number of activities to pass the time, from junk-art making to playing musical instruments together. I’m also more open to creative approaches to problem solving and conflict resolution. I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight its impact on meal preparation. I’m far more experimental and collaborative when cooking on cannabis. I suppose you could call that munchie inspiration.

Cannabis transformed my approach to mothering.

My PCC style was subject to tension and rigidity with an over-emphasis on order and control. Life brings its struggles, but Mary Jane has helped me to broaden my perspective and lighten the load — so to speak.

She’s shifted me out of auto-pilot and onto a new path of emphatic connectivity with myself and my family. Marijuana doesn’t change who I am but rather removes the barriers that suppress the warmth of my glow.

Written by Cannama on November 5, 2018 for EstroHaze

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