Cann-Aphrodisiacs: Goods That Promise to Deliver ‘The Goods’

Cannabis is vital for overall wellness. It nourishes us mind, body and spirit, and its aphrodisiacal powers are beyond reproach. Scientists and ‘cannabis practitioners alike are transforming the erotic essence of the plant into products that aim to bring the sensual experience to new heights. Thanks to advancements in legalization, a growing number of products are entering the canna-aphrodisiac market promising to delight and excite. 


Named the “Sex Product of the Year” by GQ, Foria is a fairly new, yet popular line of products specifically made for women. Their serum and suppositories are designed for sexual enhancement and period-related pain relief.

Velvet Swing is a cannabis enhanced, sensual lubricant designed for women, by women. Their motto:  “Come hard, come long and come again.” The lube’s THC to CBD ratio maximizes sensitivity to make orgasms longer and stronger, the canna-company claims.

Sutra Sensuals’ cannabis-Infused line is comprised of the Arouse Pleasure Serum and the Touch Massage Oil. Their products are a combo of cannabis and essential oils.

Sexy Time, by Apothecanna, is an intimacy oil with “exotic and wildcrafted plant ingredients” to increase blood flow and intensify the erotic experience.

Quim Rock via

Quim Rock is “a self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas.” The ‘for-women-by-women’ canna-company claims that their intimate oil is not only a sexual enhancer, but a vaginal health supplement.

HerbaBuena is a holistic-styled canna-co that offers a range of products that include Bliss Energizing Aphrodisiac Elixir and Quiver Sensual Cannabis Lubricant – which won the Best Sensual Product-SF Chronicle Green State in 2017.

Luminous Botanical’s aptly named sensual lubricant, Dew, is crafted for both male and female pleasure by easing discomfort and delaying climax.


Kikoko is a woman-led enterprise specializing in organically grown cannabis teas. Their sexual enhancement blend, Sensuali-Tea, is made from cannabis and a host of organic herbs including hibiscus cardamom, rose and lavender. Kikoko’s other cleverly titled brews include Positivi-Tea, Sympa-Tea, and Tranquil-Tea.

Love Potion No. 7 is a tincture that doubles as a sensual lubricant. Another woman-run business, Humboldt Apothecary specializes in a wide range of wellness products.

Lulu’s Botanicals harnesses the power of cannabis and vegan chocolate to heighten the sexual experience.

Love Potion #420 is produced by Yummi Karma, an edible and tincture company. Their “potion” includes guarana, ginseng, maca root, turmeric, damiana leaf and claims to act as a natural aphrodisiac while providing anxiety relief.

Premium edible company, 1906, presents High Love Chocolates with a “sensual blend of damiana, catuaba, muira puama, ashwagandha, vanilla and other natural botanicals.”


Dosist applies the science of sensuality with their Passion and Arouse vape pens. According to them, each device delivers the optimum dosage of their proprietary cann-aphrodisiacal concentrate in every hit.


Ganja Vibes wants you to get-off with “the world’s first cannabis leaf teaser pleaser,”  the Mary Jane Vibrator. It’s available online, complete with an ABS controller and pleasure egg.

Cannadom is exactly what it sounds like: cannabis + condom. Not only is it green, but it’s advertised as smelling and tasting like ganja.


The Original Peter Piper is an 8 inch pipe and a dildo all in one… Oh yes they did….

Written by Cannama on May 24, 2018 for EstroHaze

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